Have you ever set out to make something out of nothing? We saw a need, we had an idea, and with good old determination we set out to create Kids Trax over 20 years ago. 

  It began with my sister, a 35 year Childcare Provider, who recognized that there just wasn't any type of software that could help her save time , cut out redundancy, and make it easier to run her home child care business . She could find computer programs that worked for centers and schools but nothing that addressed her specific needs for her home childcare business. With additional requirements continually being added to her workload from Childcare Licensing and the Food Program, it was becoming increasing difficult to document, plan, prepare, and execute plans to provide quality child care for her parents.

   With my sister as my inspiration (and also my biggest critic) I partnered with my advanced excel college professor to start KidTrax in 1998. It began as a home daycare management system made for providers by providers on a 5.25 floppy disk. The computer program evolved from KidTrax to Kid K eeper Solutions in 2000 and has since become incorporated.

   As dedicated wives, mothers , and business wom e n we set out to create a groundbreaking software tool, that is easy to use and comprehensive. A software tool that allows a child care provider to manage all aspects of their business. This way she/he has the time to be hands on with the kids as much as possible instead of stressing out over trying to plan, prepare, and meet all the requirements that come along with being a licensed and successful childcare provider. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of childcare providers to ensure they have everything they need to run their business.


   Now our team is very excited to introduce an new web-based version of KidKeeper.


   We call it KidKeeper Online.


     Input from our providers is essential to the continued success of our program. Please be aware that we always enjoy hearing from you. You have the lives of our children in your hands and without you none of us would be able to go to work . Understanding your experience allows us to continually enhance our product.  KidKeeper Solutions Inc. is committed to ensuring your success.

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