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KidKeeper Solutions
Simplifying Childcare Management.

Do you own a Childcare business? 

KidKeeper Solutions is your secure, intuitive and all-in-one solution to ending hours of redundant paperwork. 

In 1998 we launched KidKeeper - Designed for Providers by Providers, one of the first PC programs for Childcare professionals. The response we received was groundbreaking and the positive feedback, unparalleled. With over 53 years combined experience in the industry, the all-new, KidKeeper Online is revolutionizing the way Childcare professionals, all over the nation manage their schedules, payments, expenses, Food Programs etc.


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KidKeeper Online is... 

 UNIVERSAL - You can use KidKeeper Online on Mac, PC, and even your Apple or Android smartphone. KidKeeper Online adapts to how you want to use it.

 INTUITIVE - KidKeeper Online has been engineered from the ground up to provide Daycare professionals with all the necessary tools they need to manage their business effectively. A snapshot of your most important information is provided for you on the Dashboard, and everything else you need is just a click or tap away in an easy-to-use toolbar.

 SAFE - With desktop-grade internet encryption, you can be sure your information is secure with us. We've done extensive internal testing to ensure that our data encryption software is impeccable. In fact, your information becomes safer every day! We compound our encryption every day to make it even more secure.

 SMART - KidKeeper Online helps you organize and maintain your business in ways you never knew were possible. By reducing repetitive day-to-day paperwork and managing your records for you, your workflow instantly becomes simplified and even fun. KidKeeper Online meets a special technological threshold where you are conscious only of what you are doing and not the program you are doing it with. It feels fast, familiar, and fresh.

 HELPFUL - Have any questions? Want to suggest a new feature or idea? Tech support is free and always will be. Best of all, it's just a phone call or email away.


KidKeeper Solutions Inc, 31805 Temecula Pkwy STE 684, Temecula CA 92592

Tel: 1 888 333 1251 
Software Sales: sales@KidkeeperSolutions.com Support department: support@KidkeeperSolutions.com